Lactation program

The University of California recognizes the importance and benefits of breastfeeding for both parents and their children. UC Santa Barbara's Lactation Support Program (LSP)is committed to supporting academic employees, staff, students, and visitors who need to express milk or wish to have a private place to breastfeed a child.
 Lactation Support Program website.

Children's centers

ECCES operates two dynamic childcare and learning centers, the Orfalea Family Children's Center (OFCC) located on the west campus and the University Children's Center (UCC) located at the Student Resource Building on the main campus. They provide childcare as well as resource and referral services for UCSB students, staff, and faculty. UCSB student-parent families receive a reduced childcare tuition rate, which is subsidized by the Children's Center support lock-in fees.


In collaboration with Associated Students Community Affairs Board (AS CAB), the Non-traditional Student Resource Center assists in providing grants for childcare needs to currently enrolled, undergraduate students with dependents.

A.S. Childcare Grant Form

Grad student childcare

This grant provides general support for graduate students with children to encourage success in a graduate program. Approved graduate students with single-child households will receive an award of $300; graduate students with more than one child will receive $150 per additional child (i.e., $300 for a single-child house, $450 for a 2-child house, etc.). Grants are limited to one award per graduate student per quarter, with a maximum of five awards allowed during a student’s academic tenure at UC Santa Barbara.