UCSB is committed to serving all students coming from diverse backgrounds and life situations, including those who took time off before going to school, are transferring at an age older than most students, have families, or are re-entering.

The NTSRC, located in the Student Resource Building, provides a space to study, eat, relax, or hang-out, as well as staff to guide you to campus and community resources and help manage the challenges associated with achieving your academic goals. The center offers study tables, couches, lockers to store your belongings, a coffee maker, mini fridge, and microwave for mealtimes, and best of all, a community of other non-traditional students! Stop by to study, relax, or connect with others. In addition to the physical space of the center, located in SRB 1109, the NTSRC offers several events throughout the quarter.

The Non-Traditional Student Resource Center (NTSRC) is a home for undergraduate students who are over 24 years old (25+), graduate students who are over 28 years old (29+), students with dependents, or re-entering students.

Meet the Staff


Betsy Kaminski

Director of Women, Gender, and Sexual Equity



Betsy is the Director of Women, Gender, and Sexual Equity, which encompasses the Women's Center and the Non-Traditional Student Resource Center. She came to UCSB after spending eleven years as a faculty member at a public university in Connecticut. She enjoyed teaching courses on subjects such as social movements, LGBTQ communities, research methods, and the sociology of music, but decided that she preferred working with students outside of the classroom on programs that reach across the university community. Influenced by her academic background in social movements, Betsy's approach in mentoring students is to support them in identifying their strengths, envisioning their goals, and building coalitions in pursuit of social justice.

Clint Terrell

Graduate Student Assistant



Clint is a PhD student in the English department whose research focuses on prisoner autobiographies and how themes of redemption are nuanced by ideologies of nationalism. Clint attended community college as an undergraduate and transferred to UC Berkeley to finish his B.A. He is also a full time single parent and when he is not studying for his exams, he enjoys making homemade desserts with his six-year-old.


Angel Robles

Student Intern



Angel is a fourth year film and media studies major. When he's not in class he loves to watch 90's horror flicks, write and travel. As a non-traditional student himself, he hopes to be a resource to others who have also taken a different path in higher education. Make sure to stop by the Non-Traditional Student Resource Center and say hello!

Marissa Barenchi

Student Intern



Marissa is a senior undergraduate student majoring in Religious Studies. As a non-traditional student, she looks forward to connecting with other non-trads and hopes to help others see the unique strengths and perspectives that non-traditional students bring to the UCSB community. During her free time, she enjoys crocheting, scrolling TikTok, and spending time with her two-year-old Labrador retriever, Sunny.