Student Resource

Who we serve

It is a home for any student who is

  • An undergraduate student who is 25 years old or older
  • A graduate student who is 30 or older
  • A domestic partnered /married student
  • Student with dependent(s)
  • Re-entering student
  • Student veteran
  • Formerly incarcerated student

The Resource Center provides a space to study, eat, relax, or hang-out; a staff to guide you to resources, and help manage the challenges associated with achieving your academic goals. The Non-traditional Student Resource Center can be your first stop to success at UCSB.

Welcome to our community and please reach out to let us know what you need.

UCSB Non-Trad


UCSB has a number of resources and departments to assist students with navigating financial difficulties.

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Parenting/Children Non-Trad


UCSB supports parenting students who are pursuing their education while managing family responsibilities.

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Housing Non-Trad


The Non-Traditional Student Resource Center hosts quarterly events for student parents and all non-traditional students.

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